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Howland Stone Store Museum
"1837 - A National Historic Landmark"

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Howland Stone Store Museum
is a proud member of the

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Howland Stone Store Museum
is a site on the

NY State Office Of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Underground Railroad Heritage Trail

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Preserving the Howland Family Collections
Includes permanent and rotating exhibits

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Howland Stone Store Museum
2956 State Route 34B, Hamlet of Sherwood, NY
(View Map)
Hours:  June through September
from 1-4 pm.

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The Howland Stone Store Museum

Our name tells our story! In 1837 Slocum Howland built this store in Sherwood, a crossroads between Cayuga and Owasco Lakes to the west and east and Auburn and Ithaca to the north and south. Cayuga Lake gave it easy access to the Erie Canal.  Our collection details the sale of local products such as wool and pork, and importation of manufactured products.  The building is made of small stones called cobblestones, which were picked up in local fields.

The Howland family was prominent in important reform movements throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, particularly in the abolition of slavery, education, and women's suffrage. A prized Museum possession is an Underground Railroad pass brought by two slaves who escaped from Maryland and came to Slocum Howland (1794-1881) seeking freedom in 1840.  Miss Emily (1827-1929) first taught in schools for free blacks in Washington, D.C. in 1857. In addition to building a school in Sherwood, she founded and financially supported fifty schools for the emancipated blacks, teaching in several of them.

Both Emily and her niece, Isabel (1859-1942), were active in the local, state and national women's suffrage movements; we have posters and other memorabilia representing their efforts. A "Cabinet of Curiosities," collected by the Howlands on their travels, includes everything from Arabian jewelry to coral from Capri.

In 2008, we acquired Opendore, which was Isabel's home. We are now  renovating Opendore as an expanded part of our Museum.

Sherwood, New York is  now listed on
The National Register of Historic Places

To view the 'Significance Statement' for the
NY Equal Rights Historic District
, click HERE (PDF File)

The 'Significance Statement' was compiled by:
Dr. Judith Wellman, Director
Historical New York Research Associates -
Professor Emerita, SUNY Oswego


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Group Tours

If your club or group would like a special tour of the Howland Stone Store Museum (outside of regular hours), we would be happy to accommodate you.  Please contact us via the postal address or phone number listed on the front of our brochure.

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2016 Special Exhibit
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Come to see how much you know about household items used in the 19th century!

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rograms for 2016

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All programs and socials will take place at the museum. Admission to the Howland Stone Store Museum and its programs is free. Donations are always gratefully accepted.  

May 22, 2016   7:00 p.m.
Breaking news! Harriet Tubman has been selected to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bills!
Laurel Ullyette, President of the Harriet Tubman Boosters,
will talk about Auburn's involvement with the process and the group's connection to WomenOn20s. She will share the background of how the HTB became involved, leading to this wonderful recognition for one of Auburn's own. A brief annual meeting of HSSM will be conducted prior to the program.
June 12, 2016   7:00 p.m.
Posters as Art:
Drawing on original documents and examples from the HSSM collection and the Wells College Howland Papers, this talk will explore the creative communities associated with women's suffrage and the image-ideas they generated. Particular emphasis will be placed on the way images were shared, distributed and modified to create internationally-recognized symbols, themes, and tropes. This will include a discussion of collective artistic actions from the Suffrage movement and the leading artists who promoted them. We will culminate with an introduction to some current femenist activist artworks as a demonstration of on-going concerns. Katie Waugh, Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Wells College also serves as Director of the String Room Gallery. 

July 17, 2016   7:00 p.m.
What Would the Activists of Sherwood, NY Be Doing Today?    
The rich social justice heritage of Sherwood, NY and its surrounding environs, with nineteenth century figures deeply involved in the issues of their day, make us curious how a small place can play such a large role in history. While a significant local presence, Quakers are also a small group, but remain active. Join a presentation led by A. T. Miller, immediate past Clerk (chair of the board) of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, Cornell faculty member, and local Scipio resident to discuss what the abolitionists and suffragists of today are, and might be, doing in our area of rural upstate New York!

August 21, 2016   7:00 p.m.
How the Erie Canal Made the Empire State.
Nearly 200 years ago, construction began on a 363-mile, 4-foot deep, 40-foot wide hand dug ditch that would forever change New York State. The Erie Canal opened for navigation in 1825 and was an instant success. Cities such as Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, built up along its banks, and goods, people, art, and ideas floated on its waters. Natalie Stetson, executive director of the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, NY, will discuss how the Erie Canal connected the East to the West, transforming New York State as well as the country as a whole.

September 11, 2016   7:00 p.m.
Seward Feminism: 
Although often overlooked because of the national shadow cast by Secretary of State William Henry Seward, the women of the Seward family contributed greatly to the spirit of reform sweeping through mid 19th-century Western New York. Jeff Ludwig, the Director of Education at the Seward House Museum, will explore this legacy of Seward femanism, and the beliefs and work of Emily and Isabel Howland. Ludwig has a PhD in American History and previously taught at SUNY Geneseo.

October 16, 2016   7:00 p.m.
Harriet Tubman's Social Network: Alliances and Advocacy
Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad and its affiliates to further the causes in which she believed. This talk will examine the connections Harriet Tubman forged through her abolition and suffrage work, particularly in Central New York. Kimerly S. Cornish is from Cambridge, Maryland. She is a descendant of Harriet Tubman. She has a degree in English from Oberlin College. Her current interests include contemporary and antebellum visual culture and representation of African Americans.
November 20, 2016   4:00 pm
Miss Emily was born on November 20, 1827.  
Celebrate her 189th birthday with birthday cake, following this afternoon's program!
April 14, 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. People from all over the country converged on Ford's theater in Washington DC and in Springfield, Illinois to reenact his funeral procession and burial. Craig Kukuk, Town Historian for Scipio NY, will present a talk about his lifelong admiration of Lincoln, followed by a slide presentation on the funeral reenactment, in which he was a participant.

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